Homeopathic Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate

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October 22, 2017
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Homeopathic Remedies for an Enlarged Prostate

An enlarged prostate is a common problem for men as they grow older. Prostate enlargement happens to nearly all men as they age, but as the gland enlarges it can press on the urethra, leading to problems with urination and bladder problems. This issue does not raise the risk for prostate cancer, contrary to what many men believe, It also has no risk factors other than issues with normally functioning testicles. However, it can cause many uncomfortable and even painful symptoms.

Prostate enlargement usually occurs after the age of 80, but can occur as early as 40. The actual cause of prostate enlargement is currently unknown. Some of the common issues that occur because of prostate enlargement include dripping when urinating, the inability to complete empty the bladder, incontinence, urinary retention, pain with urination, and straining to urinate. However, there are some less common symptoms that can also occur.

Although there are no actual cures for prostate enlargement, there are ways to help improve the symptoms themselves. Homeopathy is a good way to help treat or improve some of the more common symptoms that are caused by prostate enlargement.

Selenium and Thuja for an Enlarged Prostate

Selenium is a homeopathic remedy that works best for an enlarged prostate that is accompanied with involuntary dribbling of urine or prostatic fluid. This treatment works especially well for those whose symptoms tend to worsen after urination or walking. Often times people that will benefit from selenium also suffer from impotence.

Thuja is a homeopathic medicine that works well for those with an enlarged prostate that have a frequent urge to urinate, even immediately after urinating and when there is actual need to urinate.

Staphysagria for an Enlarged Prostate

Staphysagria is a homeopathic remedy that works best for those with an enlarged prostate that also have urinary retention and chronic dribbling of urine. This treatment works especially well if there is a burning sensation in the prostate and urinary tract. Generally those that will benefit from this homeopathic treatment have impotence, and often tend to suppress their emotions.

Although many people choose to select their own homeopathic medicines, it is always suggested that people visit a licensed homeopath for a more in depth analysis. Licensed homeopaths are better able to diagnose symptoms and select the best homeopathic medicine for each individual.